Analog Punk

by microchip junky

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It's all about the attitude.
It's not punk rock.
It's not about the music.

Analog Punk is a collection of songs recorded between February and August 2015. Everything you hear was created on analog machines; no guitars or other instruments. It is intentionally messy; very much the punk DIY attitude. Feedback and amp hum are purposely present in the mix, along with discordant, screaming noise.

Six tracks are available to preview, with an additional six tracks after purchase. Price is £5 or more if you wish. A CD containing 20 tracks can be purchased direct from T-shirts also available. Email for details.

Please do not upload, share or broadcast these recordings without my knowledge or permission.

Thanks for your interest in my music.


released August 28, 2015

Written and recorded by Microchip Junky
Chip Shop Studio, Durham, England. 2015



all rights reserved


microchip junky UK

analog punk

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Track Name: Analog Punk
Analog punk
Its all about the attitude
Its not punk rock
Its not about the music

Analog punk
Microchip Junky

Analog punk
I want feedback
I want noise
I don't fucking care if the keyboards are out of tune

Analog punk
Its not about the music
Its about the attitude

Analog punk
Its not punk rock

Track Name: Swire of Tintwistle
Pink SEX blinks

In the family home
Fashions come and go
With the swirling lift of your hem
Mons veneris unveiled in the house of knaves
In afterglow we'd lay
Deep torn shadow at noon of day
Penny for your thoughts, Malcolm my love, and a wish for the well
How sweet to lie there and drink to your health
Neath the swaying bull's head
How sweet to fuck where my bondaged youth roamed free
Your kiss descending sweeter to above my knees
Skirts ruffled rough turmoil of his hair
O lonely watcher of the looms
Come with me, soon
Sweet salt, away
At that hour when all things have repose
Do you hear the night fragment into tartan?
And Malcolm's golden ghost sighs one last time
The rakish fool, on harp that sings "Let them eat glass cakes”
To close on you those pearly gates
When all things repose
Do you alone weave and weft to prove your heft?
Play on sweet harp, play to love
Bide him on his way
But sweet Sid answers in antiphon till night is overgone?
Sew on, invisible threads, bind unto love
Whose way in heaven is aglow
At that hour when
Pink SEX blinks
Soft sweet harps in the air above
And in hellish brass below

Pink SEX blinks
Track Name: Get Your Punk Out
Here we go
1, 2, 3, 4

Get your punk out

'Ere mate are you one of those punk rockers?

Get your punk out